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Integrity, curiosity and awareness. Alessandra Sicuro’s painting.

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Published by APULIART-2016.

Alessandra Sicuro is a visual artist living and working between Copenhagen (DK), where she currently resides, and Salento, Apulia.

Alessandra studied languages and literature at the universities of Bologna and Milan. After moving to Denmark, she attended various courses in painting, drawing, and ceramics. In addition, she also continues to teach language both in Studieskolen and in her own company, Italiaviva.

Since 2006, she regularly exhibits in her Copenhagen studio and for artistic associations of various institutions including the World Health Organization, NovoNordisk, Byretten, Multidata and WHO.

She has as well joined several art fairs, such as Zonta, Kulturkajen Docken, Artival festival, Art Nordic.

My source of inspiration are fables and myths, seen as archetypes of human behavior, and cultural heritage: for instance Roman mosaics, the Middle Age, Renaissance, art of the eighteenth century, literature and poetry, which I often quote.

Alessandra Sicuro’s art reflects her origins and what she learns on a daily basis, not only from Scandinavians but also from other cultures. In Denmark she met Nordic “cold” colours and atmospheres (Hammershøj, Ring, Zahrtmann, design from the ‘50s).

It was a sort of sobriety, with implicit religious and cultural connotations … such a difference from my Catholic and southern background, which comprises bright colours, contradictions, drama, guilt and indulgence.

Her background, made of the Byzantine and Baroque features, colours and scents of Salento, is challenged by the Scandinavian cultural sobriety as well as by her travels outside Europe. This contrast generates a creative, flowing threshold: her original art.

Alessandra Sicuro grew up in a house with walls frescoed by her grandfather and with a love for art: discussions, paintings, a few books observed with extreme, endless attention.

Painting is for Alessandra a wonderful journey of reflection and discovery of the past. Together with formal, expressive and cultural issues, her deliberate approach is one with a sort of conscious naivete.

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